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profit 2.0%

Every week for 150 weeks

and refund of deposit 200%

0.02 min - 1.0 max BTC

1.0 min juta - 500 max juta

profit 2.25%

Every week for 150 weeks

and refund of deposit 200%

1.0 min - 2.0 max BTC

500 min juta - 1 max Milyar

profit 2.50%

Every week for 150 weeks

and refund of deposit 200%

2.0 min - No limit max BTC

1 min Milyar - Tanpa batas

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Trade Smart

Stay ahead of the game. We monitor your accounts 24/7 so you don't have to. High-def charting you can trade on.

Trade Simple

One account for all of the world's top exchanges. Access any exchange, anytime, anywhere...

Trade Safe

100% encrypted. 100% secure. We never store your funds, and you always have full control.

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Partnership program

It is difficult to imagine a successful investment company without additional advantages for partners in the form of a reward for attracting investment capital into trust management. Currently, this is the most common type of promotion of services, which allows not only to reduce advertising costs for the company, but also provides an opportunity for additional earnings to customers.



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Bitcoin-syariah LTD is a place where traders through us can get access to many real-world markets with crypto currencies and start earning immediately. We offer deposits and withdrawals via crypto currencies and other payment processors, overcoming the biggest obstacle, allowing traders to make transactions immediately. Using cyrptos instead of fiat, we provide traders with instant deposits, instant delivery, access to the global market from around the world, narrow spreads and the best customer service.

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London, United Kingdom


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